Celebrating 40 Years in Entertainment 
Compiled by Cathy Kinsella  Edited by Olive Osmond     
List Price: $19.95    257p 178 Photo, CD's, & Album Covers
 Soft Cover 8.5 x 11 ISBN 1888106727   November 1998 Second Printing    
  This memorial book is no longer available in print

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Complete listing and cover art of all Osmond albums and singles releases within the United States, plus photos taken over the years. More than 900 trivia questions/answers tell the story of the Osmond family, beginning with Olive and George's courtship, the children's start in show business, the ensuing years, and what they are all doing today. It contains a 16-page section on Marie's Doll Collection. This collector's item is the first authorized Osmond book since 1975 as the family celebrates more than 40 years in entertainment. Television shows "Famous Families" and "Biography" took much of their material from this book, which was introduced on The Donny & Marie Show in spring of 1999.


Cathy Kinsella has worked with various members of the Osmond family in many capacities for the past eleven years. In 1987, she started working part-time for Olive Osmond as her personal assistant. She assisted Olive with filling orders of memorabilia for Mother Osmond's Gift Shop. In 1990, Jay Osmond asked her to help him organize the Osmond Archives. In her capacity with the Archives, she has helped the Osmonds and other producers gather and locate data, photos, film footage, and copyright information for various projects. She is also a member of the staff of the Osmond Network-the Osmond's Internet site which was created by Alan Osmond.


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About The Author


Four decades ago, four young boys were flashed across national television screens on what was meant to be a one-time shot at "the big time." That single appearance led to such an overwhelming mail response that for the following seven seasons, Alan, Wayne, Merrill, and Jay Osmond became regulars on the weekly broadcast of "The Andy Williams Show." From that point on, their name alone became synonymous with the "big time" and everything associated with it. Their lives would never be the same, nor would those lives with whom they would come into contact.

During these years of career growth and development, the Osmonds not only grew up, they grew in scope. They mastered 28 musical instruments, perfected their dance, and learned to handle an audience like pros. By 1970, the Osmonds were perfect candidates for the teenage recording market.

They signed with MGM records and within months, their first release skyrocketed to worldwide recognition. In 1971, combined sales from the Osmond Brothers' and Donny's releases garnished nine gold records-a total that exceeds the Beatles' and Elvis' highest single year collection of gold discs. Since embarking on their prestigious recording career, the Osmonds have sold over 77 million records and have accrued more than 30 gold records.

In 1973, a new type of hysteria erupted when the Osmonds toured the U.K. and it soon became know as "Osmondmania." Their concerts broke sound barriers as fans rushed the stage to get closer to their favorite Osmond. The Osmond Brothers were voted "Best Musical Variety Act of 1974" in Las Vegas, NV and in 1975 the Osmond Brothers won the "People's Choice Award" as America's "Favorite Musical Group."

With the advent of "The Donny and Marie Show" in 1976, the Osmond Family gained further exposure. In 1999 Donny and Marie have a Talk Show on Fox Network, and the Osmond Brothers perform in Branson, Missouri, for thousands of people every year.


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