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Tempe Daily News Tribune Editor Dan McCarthy wrote this column,
published Dec. 1 1994.

Alfred Thomas Jr., right, KCOT member and 1959 governor of the Southwest District, meets in Carlsbad, N.M., with Ken Loheed of Toronto, Canada, Kiwanis International President for 1958-59. Mrs. Loheed is at left. 

25th Annual Celebration - Past Presidents of KCOT.   Past presidents of KCOT gathered for this photo on the 25th anniversary celebration on Feb. 24, 1977. They are, front, from left, Gene Sears, Robert B. Williams, Harl Chamberlain, Dr. Kenneth Fuller, Ralph Lingerfelt, and Jack Brigham. Back, from left, Dr. Jim Yount, Alfred Thomas Jr., Ray Wells, C. M. “Bud” Lundsten, Wilbur Johnson, James Harelson, Dr. George Calderwood, Don Robinson and Stan Brown. Ray Clark, president-elect, can be seen seated at rear to the right.

  In 1993, Carol Balk, then a new member, facilitated a project, “First Step,” with Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital to establish a pre-natal and post-natal counseling program for new moms at the hospital. President Kathleen Harris, second from left, presents a check. Carol Balk is at right.

KCOT set up this booth at Kiwanis Park in 1996 for Tempe’s 125th birthday celebration. The stuffed bear was a raffle item won by a child.

The Kiwanis International First Place Award in Club Bulletins for 1994-95 (Orange Division – medium size clubs) went to KCOT. Here Bob Robson of Chandler, chairman of the international committee, gives the award to Bulletin Editor Lawn Griffiths at the Kiwanis Convention in Salt Lake City. Lawn also edited bulletins that were world runner-up in 1991 and 1995.

The official visit, in 1998, of Governor Rose Ann Dodson of Mesa, second from right, to the division. Jeanne Dingott, KCOT President Spike Lawrence and Lori Annala Lee, right, were on hand. Today, Rose Ann is the executive director
for the Southwest District.

Linda Spears, upper left, and the Vinny Mirizio family organized a Christmas decorating party at family apartment at Centers for Habilitation family home in Mesa for Christmas 2000. They put up a Christmas tree and provided the decorations. Linda also organized Halloween events for the families.



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