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At no charge to our book authors, we provide the four categories listed below on each of our books to Internet Search Engines Yahoo & Google.

Yahoo & Google examples.

  People searching for a book about their family, church, organization, town, or college can  then find your book on our web site.
    When we receive their e-mail inquiry, we forward it to your e-mail address so you can respond.
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    Preview of People Lists the name of the  person and a brief description of the book. By clicking on the link, people then see the featured book and can read story  excerpts, see photos, read Table of Contents.

     Preview of Organizations Lists the name of    the organization, including history groups,    churches, schools, towns, and colleges. By    clicking on  the link, you will find their book.

   Preview of Places Lists the name of the    place and a brief description of the book.    By clicking on the link, you will be taken  to the featured book and can read more.


   Where to Find This is a repetition of the Site Map, which is set up specifically for Internet Search Engines. It gives you an idea of the information the Search Engines capture. 

   We set up info on your book for major  Search Engines like Yahoo &, Google.  This is an innovation that allows out of touch family  members to find books about their family on the Internet and contact them. We also do this with books about towns, historical groups, colleges, churches. (Read more)

People from all over the world use Yahoo & Google to "search" for people, places, & services. If a book is "featured" on our site, the person searching for a name or place can find it on the Search Engines along with the listing of History Preserved, and they click to our site to find the book and read excerpts of stories, table of contents, etc, and see photos. 

Whether they are doing research or simply want to obtain a copy of the book from you, the information herein helps them succeed. We refer all requests for a particular book to the individual or family.  What one author said:  "I was as amazed at the success of the sale of the l00 books as I was concerned about being able to sell 25. Much of the credit has to go to your referrals.
     "The exciting part was that it put me in touch with so many extended members of the family that we would not have been able to contact otherwise. We have been able to exchange genealogical information and extend the family lines. Thanks again for all of your help."


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