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Draughts: The Henry Eckford Story, 
American shipbuilder.
by Steven M. Selig

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Clips from the Past - The Way We Were.

The Luke C. & Victoria Tedder Family 

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Veteran Patriots of The Beaver Valley

In these pages are recorded events that shaped my life. They are a part of me. KLEM IRAD SCHNEIDER

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A N G L I C O: Not Many - But Much
by Steven M. Selig
U.S. Marine Corps Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Companies





Memoir by
Mary Balfour Meynell

The Education and Social Life of a Scottish Lady
Little Mary Meynell
 Brent Moor House
by Julia Brown

Transcribed & Edited
By Barbara Doll Peterson


THE BRUNE FAMILY: The Descendants of Peter Brune & Elizabeth Richter
By Jason Holtermann



The Early Years
by Anna Kay Price


THE CLUB OF CLUBS: The 60 Year History of the Kiwanis Club of Tempe. 1952-2012
by Lawn R. Griffiths  

 From The Banks Of  The Solomon. . . . My Journey
Charlene (Stover) Hewitt-Yager 

 Tales From Life On The Farm:

Growing Up in Rural Virginia During the Great Depression
by Lester Nelson May, Sr

A Lifetime In A Small Town Autobiography of Rollo Kent Parsons of Monroe UT

The Milburn Homestead Family History, Recollections and Lore
Compiled by Dennis E. Milburn

 The Parsons Family History and Record South Branch of the Potomac. A Genealogical Study On the families of Thomas & Parthenia Parsons

Orson Hyde -The Olive Branch of Israel by Myrtle Hyde 

The Descendants of
George Washington Hoskinson 1
& Lucy Burlingame Bosworth
A Family History from 1700s

Veteran Patriots of The Beaver Valley Ohio
From WW1 forward

The Descendants of Jacob & Mary Ann Chapman Epting (ca. 18471960s)  

Early Land Grants & Landowners Wadmalaw Island SC.
7th and 18th century land grantees

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